hang tags Laminating Adhesive

Especially for RFID hang-tags card, very good adhesion strength and high stiffness, widely applied in many world  famous clothing brand.

Performance advantage:

Low water content, high stiffness

Tiny deformation degree < 2°

High and low temperature resistance for sea-ship

Fast & super adhesive

Good runnability without glue flying

Glue is easy to clean, convenient machine cleaning


Environmental features:

None toluene,ketones,etc,as well as halogens

Qualified with heavy metal standard of EN-71-3 & ASTMF 963

Qualified with EU’s & Chinese RoHS

Qualified standard of 6P content of phthalate plasticizer

Qualified with 94/62/EC packaging standard,as well as TPCH packaging material standard



Laminated paper/cardboard

ordinary printing paper/cardboard

Specialty paper / specialty paper

Kraft paper/cardboard

Gray paperboard/Gray paperboard

White cardboard/Gray paperboard



Roller coating,manual coating

Semi-automatic laminator

Automatic high speed laminator


Type of the products:

Xbond 1060,1048H.